Friday, September 2, 2011

What a summer!!

Can you believe that its September already??  Seriously where did the summer go.  I know I've been a bit busy.  On July 27 Leo,  my Mom,  Donk, and I,  loaded up everything we could fit in our little red car and road tripped from Vancouver back to Alberta leaving Talon behind for a month.  We actually had a great trip which was surprising with a 10 month old.  My mom thinks Leo should be a trucker.  As long as she was back there feeding him snacks he was a happy guy buckled up there in his big throne.  I'm glad she has such high aspirations for my child;)  My mom left me and Leo in Fort Macleod and we had fun for a day at the Orr family reunion.  It was great to finally meet some of the cousins I've yet to run into since I"ve joined the family.  Since we had so much fun in the car my Mom and Dad picked us up the next day and we drove back to Calgary to "surprise" my sister for her 30th bday.  We had a whole day of fun planned to keep her away from the house where the party was, and I kind of thought we had her fooled until she asked me a question and I had to quickly think up a lie ( we were full of lie's that day it was hard to keep the story straight) ,  and I hesitated and I saw a look in her eye and I knew like only a sister would, that she was onto us.  Dang it.  We almost had her but she had fun all the same.  Back in the car we went and Leo and I and Donk moved in with my parents at the ranch.  I honestly could have stayed there another month or two.  The weather was amazing,  Leo loved being around Grandma and Grandpa and all the cousins,  dogs,  horses,  cows,  tractors,  the beach.  Pretty fun place to spend a beautiful summer.  My mom and dad are awesome and helped me out lots.  I am not cut out for this single mother thing.  5 weeks is much too long to be without my husband.  He's finally home tomorrow and I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight I'm so excited.

I spent a bit of time at the farm in Fort Macleod too and its been great.  Nik was here lots with me with both her kids and we had fun hanging out before they left us behind and took off for Texas.  Of course they would move as soon as we decided to move back... but at least we'll be here to keep Carmen and Jim company while thery are gone for 6 months.  I started working on the house we'll be living in.  Its Talon's grandma's house which his grandpa built in 1952.  3 brm 1 bath + library, garage, living, kitchen upstairs.  Bath,  great room,  bdrm,  storage,  dark room downstairs!!  Whoo hoo.  I'm not going to know what to do with all the space!!!  I was optimistic with my plans and so far its actually exceeding my expectations.  I stripped off the lovely peeling wallpaper to find wood paneling underneath.  I decided to go with it and paint it off white,  going for a country sheik look.  Gorgeous hard wood is under all the carpet that Carmen and I tore up and my dad and I spent a day painting and 2 rooms are done.  It is looking awesome and I'll be posting before and after pics when I'm all done so you can all see the difference.  I'm super excited.  I actully LOVE renovating and am pretty obsessed right now with the the house spending hours every night on pinterest getting new ideas for decorating.  I'm gonna get crafty crafty so you should all get excited to see it!!  I hope it doesn't take me a year to finish

I spent my last week of summer with my sister in Calgary.  It is SO AWESOME  being close to her and the girls.  I always imagined that when we both had kids we would live close and hang out all the time and it was exactly that.  Just feels so right being back here I feel so blessed that we were able to move back from Vancouver so quickly and that Talon can work from home now.  I'm officially living at the farm now and let me tell you its really different than what I'm used to.  Leo and I spent our first day alone in like forever and we were bored.  It was cold and rainy and we had to stay inside all day.  Time to invest in some warm Alberta clothes so we can get outside.  I'll try and post some pics soon of the summer I'm just a bit too lazy tonight to go through them all.

Oh and I've been taking some online classes,  learning about photoshop and blogging.  Its fun but I've been royaling messing up the look of my blog so sorry.  I hope I can figure it out soon and have some fun with it and get things to work instead of looking weird.

Happy long weekend everyone:)

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